What is a D1S HID System?

D1S-HID bulbs have started to show up on newly designed vehicles by: Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Lincoln, Porsche, and Volkswagen, when factory equipped with HID headlights.

Xenon gives a great benefit to Halogen lighting for your vehicle.  Xenon is incredibly brighter, and is much more focussed on the road.  Due to the projectors used by OEM Manufacturers, the light is focussed, sharp, and has a cutoff which lies slightly below chest level, keeping glare down, keeping glare out of rear view mirrors, but giving you a huge distance of active sight.



H.I.D. D1S lamps are a third generation design. They have the igniter electronics/housing integrated with the bulb eliminating the need for transporting high tension spikes (up to 20 KV) from the electronic ballast unit whereas in the D2S lamps, the igniter is part of the ballast. The D1S and D1R bulbs expected bulb life is the same as our other HID bulbs (2500 - 4000 hrs) depending on usage.

Our D1S Replacement bulbs are highly reliable, include a warranty, and get to your door for a fraction of what the dealers will charge.



The result of this improvement is that EMI is greatly reduced and therefore the risk for radio frequency noise and interference to other avionics is minimized with the third generation D1S lamps. Also, ballast to lamp wire length can be up to 10 feet long (approx. 12" is typical for D2S lamps).

While there are no noticeable performance advantages that we observed over D2 Bulbs, D1S and D1R Bulbs are disadvantaged by a higher cost of replacement due to the igniter being permanently attached. The igniter does not typically fail, the bulbs do.