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Our D1S Replacement bulbs are highly reliable, include a warranty, and ship free.  No dealer up-charge.

As you drive you should always keep in mind your ability to see the road, and factory D1S Xenon Bulbs only last so long, instead of forking out hundreds of dollars at the dealership, consider our OEM Quality Replacements.  

When driving at night, light is the only thing keeping you safe.  Nothing is more important than safety, keep yourself and other drivers on the road safer with new bulbs.



D1S Bulbs aren't always used in every make and model, but we have the information you need to see what bulb type your car has.


It is highly advised you purchase your OE replacement bulbs from a trusted, reliable, and warrantied website, like us!  


Newer vehicles like Chevrolet, BMW, Audi, VW, and more, have switched to high quality advanced technology D1S bulbs, but haven't quite figured out how to get them replaced in a cost effective way.  The igniter is built right into the bulb, which does increase costs, but lucky for you we offer OE replacements at a great price.


Get your D1S Bulb Replacements today and save yourself hundreds over dealer cost, where they only have an increased mark-up because they think they're the only source.



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